status Package

status Package

class hanyuu.status.Base[source]

Bases: object

Simple base class that sets the attribute :attr:cache to a :class:memcache.Client ready to be used.

class hanyuu.status.Site[source]

Bases: hanyuu.status.Base

Object that encapsulates state of the website.


Returns the current DJ that is live.

Returns a abstractions.users.DJ object.


Returns the current thread URL.

Returns a unicode string or None

class hanyuu.status.Stream[source]

Bases: hanyuu.status.Base

Wrapping class around the memcache server and variables relevant to the status of the streaming server.


Gets the current song metadata playing on the master server.

Returns a unicode object.


Returns the total amount of listeners as an integer.

This is the listeners combined from all relay servers.


Returns if the master server is online or not.

Returns a boolean type.

class hanyuu.status.Streamer[source]

Bases: hanyuu.status.Base

Object that encapsulates state of the AFK streamer.


Returns a bool indicating if the AFK streamer accepts requests.

This is False if either Requests got disabled explicitely or the AFK streamer is not streaming at the moment.


Returns a pylibmc.Client object.

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